Hear my dulcet tones on the AuthorsCast podcast

by Scott MIllett 16. February 2011 20:09

I was recently interview about my ASP.NET Design Patterns book for AuthorsCast.com, here what they say about the episode... 

"In this episode, Scott talks about how his book builds on the existing software design literature, clears up the confusion between design patterns and design principles, explains how to quickly become proficient at applying patterns, and expounds on the benefits of creating your own ASP.NET framework. Along the way, he offers pointers on becoming a better developer, tells how he learned to embrace the power of positive thinking, and waxes philosophical on the problem with American beer."

You can also get it on iTunes.

I was a bit nervous so please forgive my mumbling answers!

Keep your head down son

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2/17/2011 9:30:01 AM #

Steve Montgomery

Great podcast am enjoying reading your books, currently half way through Design Patterns but first one 'Enterprise' led me into this nicely. It seems there are many ways to skin a goat its knowing enough to decide the best way per goat. Having recently moved to Finland I'm taking some time out to study as its easy to get left behind when busy with day to day business of building and supporting websites. Wiggle is also a great site, being a cyclist I use it a lot.

Steve Montgomery Finland |

3/18/2011 1:06:32 PM #


Hi Scott, I am confused. While reading and going through code in asp.net  design patterns I felt a new understanding of layering and design patterns. But now after following Ayende's new posts like ayende.com/.../...hitecture-in-the-real-world.aspx and ayende.com/.../...it-of-doom-the-evils-of-the.aspx I feel lost.

What are your thoughts - Is this much architecture required in today's applications? And what is the balance between sound architecture and real needs. For example, in your book you use Repository pattern which allows us to use NHibernate and then easily replace it with EF. Have you ever need to change it in the middle of project? And what about the ORM features we miss out while using least common denominator among these ORMs (Ayende talks about N + 1 problem in ayende.com/.../...hatndashthe-select-n1-issue.aspx) which could be easily solved if it was not for rigid architecture.

Dev Australia |

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