Don't use Native Id Generator with NHibernate

by Scott MIllett 6. February 2011 16:00

I get asked this question a fair bit so I thought I may as well stick it up here so I can refer people to this post in future. If you are using the NHiberante native ID generator — that is, letting your database generate IDs for entities — the database will actually be hit when save is called regardless if you are in a transaction or not. This is because the entity is now part of the unit of work and thus NHibernate needs to give it a valid identity to ensure that any other objects that reference it can be persisted correctly. You can read more about this over on Ayende's blog.

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2/13/2011 9:15:20 AM #

James Crowley

Scott, does that mean you use guid's for ids everywhere? How does that affect your join performance? Or is everything denormalized? When there's not a sensible natural id I find guid's quite a clumsy form of identifier to use at the client website end too... So would be great to get your thoughts

James Crowley United Kingdom |

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